SUNY students stand in solidarity with our friends and family in the LGBT+ community with the Supreme Court’s historic announcement that all citizens have an equal right to marriage. This bold step forward for the equality agenda which exemplifies a virtue important to SUNY: progress. I am proud to be a part of a university system and a state that has consistently been a trendsetter for important social issues such as marriage equality. I would like to commend Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a longtime advocate for marriage equality, and the five Supreme Court justices who have ruled in favor of non-discrimination.  Today is an opportunity to reflect on the progress that we have made, celebrate our success, and use this achievement to launch us to new heights. We hope to continue the march toward a fully equal and inclusive society, and we hope that SUNY students will continue to play an important role in the progress of our state and our nation.

Published, June 26th 2015 on SUNYSA’s Newsroom “Click here