Student Hip-Hop Artist is Pushing Himself Toward Bigger Things

You can learn a lot about Farmingdale State College junior Oluwaseyi Joseph ‘17 just by reading his business card. He identifies himself as a recording artist, songwriter, performer, poet, and blogger for Nikki, an indie-music website. Perhaps even more defining is his mission statement at the top of the card: Dream Big or Why Bother.

It began for Oluwaseyi even before he hit his teens; he began writing songs as a third grader. That’s also when he began seeing himself as a poet. Sort of a hip-hop Bob Dylan, taking his poems and setting them to music.

“That’s how I approach my songwriting,” says Oluwaseyi, who uses the stage name Seyi (pronounced Shay-yee). “I want to tell a story, convey a message in everything I write, so I feel that my style is naturally poetic.

“Before you can write something you have to visualize it. So I had these rhymes and lines in my head and I decided to start writing them down. Next thing I knew I had a chorus, then a first verse, then a second and then a whole song. It was a hobby to pass time, whenever my mom said I couldn’t play games or watch TV or go outside. I was listening to music and writing what I felt like writing. Before I had realized it, music and entertaining was a passion for me.”

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