UB Muslim Students Association hosts Fast-a-Thon

For those whose religion doesn’t require them to fast, it can seem like a daunting task – electing not to eat for an entire day sounds uncomfortable and difficult.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) is hosting its first outreach-based event, called a Fast-a-Thon, in hopes of creating solidarity within the wider UB community by means of fasting – a prominent aspect of Islam.

Samiha Islam, MSA vice president and a sophomore psychology major, said the purpose of the Fast-a-Thon is for all students, regardless of religious backgrounds, to exhibit empathy.

For the event, everyone is encouraged to fast from dawn to sunset and donate the money they would have spent on lunch to charity. The money will then go to the United Nations Refugee Agency, which helps feed and clothe refugees and give them shelters. “We want people to think, ‘What I didn’t eat today will go to feed someone tomorrow,” Islam said.

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