UB students help to ‘ReTree’ the University Heights

While students and locals have historically clashed in the University Heights neighborhood over loud parties and drunken behavior, the two parties worked together this weekend to better curbside aesthetics in the Heights.

The third phase in ReTree the District, a project working to plant 1,000 trees in the University District, took place on Saturday. In addition to beautifying the area, one of the project’s main goals is to bring the people within it together, according to Darren Cotton, director of community development and planning at the University District Community Development Association.

“For us the most important part is building the sense of community – just the act of saying hello and meeting your neighbors sort of helps deal with a lot of the issues that the news so often covers with students,” Cotton said. “We wanna show people there’s a different side and that residents and students can work together towards improving their community.”

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