This weekend, student leaders from campuses across New York met at Broome Community College in northern Binghamton for the monthly Student Assembly Executive Committee meeting. This meeting was attended by the Executive Board, representatives from SUNY’s various sectors, and the Executive Cabinet. At the meeting, chaired by Vice President Melissa Kathan from the University at Buffalo, the Student Assembly passed twelve resolutions that will benefit students across the sixty-four colleges and universities that make up the SUNY system.

Sustainability Chair Zach Beaudoin introduced a resolution that encourages campuses to “go trayless” in buffet-style dining facilities, which has been proven to reduce energy consumption and food waste at a number of campuses, including Fredonia, where Beaudoin is a senior. Military Affairs Chair Nathanael Wilhelm sponsored three resolutions pertaining to the military communities across SUNY’s campuses, each of which passed with wide margins. The first resolution calls for Veterans’ & Military Affairs offices at each SUNY school to enable students to receive honor cords for graduation ceremonies that recognize their services to the national community. The second resolution supported the establishment of a Veteran’s Week, and the third supports the adoption of early registration policies for military-affiliated students.

Bridget Doyle, a Fredonia student who serves as Chair of the Campus Safety Committee, presented a resolution that encourages campuses to make gender-inclusive housing more accessible to all students, especially those with disabilities. “The Gender Inclusive and Disability Accessible Housing Resolution is an important first step in ensuring that all students have access to a safe and supportive living environment,” said Doyle. She continued to praise the movements of the Student  Assembly and groups on SUNY’s campuses that supported this resolution. “With the passing of this resolution, SUNY SA is standing with students who identify within these communities.”

Lastly, four new Executive Cabinet and Committee members were confirmed at Broome. Nathanael Wilhelm of Maritime was confirmed as the Chair of Military Affairs after serving in the position in an interim capacity and Arthur Ramsay of Empire State College was confirmed as the Deputy Director of Communications. William Pattee of Schenectady Community College was named a Community College Representative and Margaret Herdzik of the University at Buffalo will serve as a Graduate Division representative for Doctoral Granting Institutions.