While at Buffalo State College the Executive Committee (EC) were able to take a break from our scheduled meetings to engage in a live-action-role-playing (LARP) event being held on campus through Buffalo State’s Campus Role-Playing Anime Gaming Group, CRAGG. Armed with hand-crafted-non-lethal swords, short range weapons, long range weapons, and shields the members of the EC brought their energy and passion for shared-governance into a physical arena against not only the members of the CRAGG club but also one another. A (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character. The EC was grateful to have had the opportunity to interact with one another and with students from the host campus in such an entertaining and unique way. We left with a better understanding of just how diverse the SUNY population works.