Oneonta State Students Participate in Panel on Religious Tolerance

Arthur Ramsay, Deputy Director of Communications

At Oneonta State, students had a very serious discussion on RACE. Not the “race” you may be thinking of, but R.A.C.E.: Religious Acceptance and Cultural Exploration. Students raised issues about spirituality and the anxiety that college students face regularly at a panel April 6th, with discussants including representatives from the Student Association and faculty from the communications and education departments, reported Averi Amsterdam of the State Times.

David Vasquez, the Director of Inclusion for Oneonta’s Student Association brought Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Kristen Blinne and Associate Professor of Education Zanna McKay to the student-focused panel to discuss the effects of college life on student spirituality and what their spirituality means to them individually.

Students in attendance enjoyed the discussion about intentional actions, self-defining spirituality, and creating “you time” in daily life for enjoying surroundings.

You can read more about R.A.C.E. at Oneonta’s State Times site.

SOURCEThe State Times