Marc J. Cohen Sets Priorities During Term, Looks Back on Advocacy

Student Assembly President and SUNY Trustee Marc J. Cohen gave insight on his agenda for the SUNY Student Assembly this year, his own path forward in higher education, and his experiences through student government politics in a recent interview with SUNY Geneseo student Jenna Colozza.

“The thing I love about student government is that I feel there is a way to make a substantive change,” he said. “When you look at politics in general—the state legislature, Congress—there is a lot of bureaucracy. There is a lot of red tape. There is a lot of beating around the bush with issues and not really getting to the crux of what matters. Well, there’s politics involved with any organization—student government is not excluded—but there is a real opportunity to make changes.”

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The next part of the two part series will be available soon.