Student Assembly Pays Tribute to Orlando Victims with Blood Drive

 “We’re saying in no uncertain terms that the State University of New York and the State University of New York Student Assembly stand in solidarity with the LGBT-plus community and stand in solidarity with Orlando,” said SUNY Student Assembly President and SUNY Trustee Marc Cohen to News10 several hours after donating blood at the organization’s blood drive.

The Wednesday event, in coordination with the Red Cross was dedicated to the 50 victims of the recent Orlando shooting. Gay men who had sex with other men within a year were unable to deferred from donating blood.

The SUNY Student Assembly previously passed a resolution calling for blood donor equality in 2014. Since the resolution was passed the FDA has loosened regulations regarding men who have had sex with men and women who have had sex with gay men.

“You shouldn’t discriminate when it comes to doing good,” he said. “Everyone should have the right to donate life; have the right to save a life.”

The organization set a goal for 25 donations. Over the span of five hours, 31 people gave blood on Wednesday. The amount of blood donated was which is enough to save up to 93 lives.

The event gained media coverage from outlets across the Capital Region and state including News10, TWC News, NewsChannel13, CBS6, The Times UnionCampus News, and the Legislative Gazette.