Let’s Rock the Vote – SUNY SA

Voter registration in New York State ends today

This year, SUNY Student Assembly is pushing forward a non-partisan campaign in conjunction with Rock the Vote to increase voter turnout among students in this year’s election.

New York State had one of the lowest voter turnout rates at 28 percent in the last general election (national figures: 36 percent). The state currently has over 13,000,000 eligible voters.

“It has never been more imperative to have the student voice included in an election,” said SUNY Student Assembly Vice President¬†Bridget Doyle. “During a time when our news feeds are filled with abhorrent rhetoric about different genders, races and religions, it is incredibly important to have our voice heard. I commend the effort by our legislative and communications team to ensure that our students have the resources at hand to exercise their right to vote.”

Check out if you’re registered to vote here