SUNY SA Campus Spotlight: SUNY Fredonia

The SUNY Student Assembly’s Executive Committee convened at SUNY Fredonia from the 16th to the 18th of September for their monthly meeting. From the pleasant and warm welcome to the amazing workshops held by the college’s experienced facculty. SUNY Fredonia was an absolute delight.

The Student Government President, Jason Burgos adressed the SUNY SA Executive Committee by expressing his positive insight on the work and advocacy done by the SUNY SA. Likewise, SUNY SA President Cohen, made it a point to recognize the amount of effort put in by SUNY Fredonia’s Student Government to make this meeting happen, and for that he thanked President Burgos and his team.

Furthermore the President of the College, Dr. Ginny Horvath commented “It’s exciting for me to have the SUNY Student Assembly’s Leadership”, she also added by commending the efforts of the Student Assembly to push “Ban the Box” to the SUNY Administration.

All in all, SUNY Fredonia is an ideal example of as to why SUNY is the largest and most comprehensive system of higher education in the United States.

For details about the meeting please visit our meetings page on the SUNY SA website. For additional information about the SUNY SA visit our official website.

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