Fifteen years ago, some 25 percent of SUNY Geneseo residential students didn’t bring their cars to campus. That percentage has more than doubled since.

What changed? In 2002, SUNY Geneseo launched a bus system, a response to students urging the college administration to support alternate means of transportation in the area.

Since then, ridership has been steadily on the rise. (The increase in ridership from 2002 to 2016: roughly 43,000 to 118,000 riders.)

The shuttle’s success, Bob Bonfiglio, SUNY Geneseo’s vice president for student and campus life said, has resulted in fewer parking complaints. Prior to the bus service, the college administration even weighed the possibility of constructing a parking garage to open up space.

“That certainly would not fit in with the character of this campus or community, so I think we can say that we have managed the cars being brought to campus that has limited the need for additional parking spaces,” Bonfiglio said.

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