Canton’s SGA President Makes A Positive Campus Impact

Nikki Zeitzmann (center) and the SUNY Canton SGA board
Nikki Zeitzman has worked to make her campus a positive, inclusive place for new students.  See how she got involved and made a difference. Check out how she defied the odds below!
1.   What is your position in SUNY SA as well as your campus SGA?

        Nikki Zeitzmann: Student Government Association President, SUNY Student                       Assembly Voting Delegate

2.    What is your major and year?
        NZ: Applied Psychology graduating May 2018
3.     How did you get involved in both campus SGA and SUNY SA?
        NZ:I got involved in SGA near the end of my freshman year where I ran for the Vice               President position my sophomore year and won. I ran for the Presidents position at the         start of this academic year and won as well and I plan to run for my second term for             the Presidents position next year. I got involved with SUNY Student Assembly as a                 voting delegate for my campus through SGA.
4.     Why did you get involved?
        NZ:I got involved because I want to make a positive difference. Coming in as a                     freshman I had a lot of ambition and people saw potential in me and believed in me               when I put in my application for SGA. I knew I had the ability to make that difference             so I went for it and I am so grateful that I did.
5.     Why you think its crucial for women to get involved in student government?
        NZ:I believe it is crucial for young women to stand up and take charge in the positions           that are going to make that positive impact we all wish to see. As a female it is easy to         be looked over, especially in the white collar work field, which is why it is important for           women to take charge and make the female presence known in all aspects of life,                 including the political playing field.
6.     What is something you wish you knew when joining?
        NZ:I wish I had more of an understanding of exactly how much impact I was capable of         having in this position. There are the minimum requirements for the job such as attend         meetings on campus, being the voting delegate for SUNY Canton’s campus and                     overseeing the clubs/orgs. budgets on campus, but there is so much more that I am             capable of doing. I didn’t want to limit myself in this position to just the minimum, I               also have taken on the responsibility of advocating for the students on a campus level,           SUNY level and even a state level. I am able to travel and represent my campus as well         as help with making better relations on campus with the faculty/staff and students.
7.     What is one tip for women who wants to get involved in either/both campus SGA and             SUNY SA?
        NZ:A tip for young women would be… never underestimate yourself and the ability you         have to impact the people around you. You are capable of change.
8.    Who inspires you?
       NZ: Amelia Earhart- She is my role model because as the first female pilot she defied            the standards and did something no one ever expected any woman to be able to do. She        proved to the world that women are capable of greatness and can soar to new heights in        what was considered a “mans world.”
9.    What is a fun fact nobody knows about you?
       NZ:  I have lived in 6 states and 2 countries but I call Texas my home!
Nikki has paved the way for other women at SUNY Canton to rise the ranks in student leadership.  Check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in March to check out more incredible women of SUNY!