ESF Women Choose Strength

1.     Name and position (in both your campus SGA and SUNY SA)
Sam Earl: Sam Earl, Director of Programming
Alivia Sheffield: Alivia Sheffield. Chair of Sustainability for SUNY SA, Senior senator for my SGA
Jessica Emmerson: Jessica Emmerson, Junior Class Chair
2.     Major and Year
SE: Environmental Biology Senior
AS: Senior studying Conservation Biology
JE: Environmental Resources Engineering, 3rd year
3.     How did you get involved in both campus SGA and SUNY SA
SE: At ESFs student association, I came in with friends and I knew people already in the association. I wanted to help plan Earth Week, which was the responsibility of the Sophomore class senators. Over the years, I became more involved and eventually made it on the E-Board where I then attended a SUNY SA conference with other members from ESFs association.
AS: I got involved in student government my very first year of college. I wanted to get involved and be a voice for students. I was an environmental science major and was made aware of the open director of sustainability position on SUNY SA. I applied and got appointed. Through that I fell in love with SUNY and our students. I’ve been involved ever since.
JE: I got involved in campus SGA by being invited to come to a meeting by a senior in my major program when I was a freshman.
4.     Why did you get involved?
SE: I enjoyed the activities that went on around campus, and wanted to be a part in planning it. It turned out I was really good at what I did and have been planning events for the campus for the past 3 years.
AS: I think college gives you a great opportunity to grow as a person. I wanted to get involved to help students have the best experience they could and to be a voice for them.
JE: I am involved because I love SUNY-ESF with every fiber of my being and I want it to be as great of an institution as it can possibly be.
5.     Why you think its crucial for women to get involved in student government?
SE: When looking around the room at my student association, I see a lack of women. When it comes to the United States government, women are also underrepresented. We are half of the population, so we should have equal representation in student government.
AS: Why isn’t it crucial? I think women should be as involved as men in every part of society. I think its important in a college setting to have all students represented, as well as give women a place to see how much change they can make. It helps anyone gain confidence in leadership roles for the bigger world beyond college.
JE: Women provide a prospective that is, in certain cases, vastly different from men. Student governments serve the entire student body and the representation should reflect the demographic!
6.     What is something you wish you knew when joining?
SE: I wish I knew more about the logistics of voting and resolutions because I was pretty lost when I first started. Once I felt comfortable with how things worked, I participated more and contributed more to the association.
AS: It is not always easy. It is not always fun. You will put tons of effort into things that may fail – but it all works out. There may be times you think you’re putting more in than you are getting out, but when you look back on it all, you’ll see growth and positive change. It is all worth it, every day.
JE: That the amount of impact I had could be greater than any I’ve had before
7.     One tip for women  who wants to get involved in either/both campus SGA and SUNY SA
SE: Just do it! Dive straight in and don’t let your voice be silenced. You represent so many individuals and your own experiences matter.
AS: Don’t limit yourself. Don’t set a bar for yourself. Set a goal, accomplish it, then set another. “If the sky is the limit, why are there footprints on the moon?”
JE: DO IT! Jump in and help support and represent your peers. They need you now more than ever.
8.    Who inspires you?
SE: Beyoncé inspires me because she has constantly presented herself in a tasteful way, but also continues to speak her mind and against societies prejudice towards her and her culture. She uses her power and influence to send important messages to the public that prejudice and misogyny is not okay.
AS: I’ve never been one who looks up to famous people or people of the past.  I’ve always been inspired to be great, compassionate, strong, and a good leader by my grandmother and mother. Who are both amazing, unstoppable, women. They still inspire me to be that, everyday.. But once I became an aunt to two beautiful little girls (and a handsome boy) – they inspire me to be the best me and to try and leave the world a little bit better for them than it may have been for me.
JE: I am inspired by the woman that took me to my first SGA meeting. She graduated from my major and is an incredible engineer and minority in our profession.

9. One fun fact nobody knows about you?
AS:Some people know this, but not many from my academic career – my clown name is fifi the clown.
JE: I love cup of noodles instant soup


  1. Name and position (in both your campus SGA and SUNY SA)


  1. Major and Year


  1. How did you get involved in both campus SGA and SUNY SA?


  1. Why did you get involved?


  1. Why you think its crucial for women to get involved in student government


  1. What is something you wish you knew when joining?


  1. One tip for women  who wants to get involved in either/both campus SGA and SUNY SA


  1. Who inspires you?


  1. Optional: One fun fact nobody knows about you.”