How Students Can Keep Safe in Winter Storm Chaos

Source: Pixabay

Tyler McNeil, Editor-in-Chief

I saw a friend hugging a dolphin on my Instagram feed earlier this morning. That was one of their spring break highlights. Several minutes later, I closed out the app, hugged myself in three layers of clothing, grabbed a clean shovel, and marched into a bright, blinding abyss — my driveway. These are my spring break highlights.

My situation is not out of the ordinary. For many students across the state this week, the term “spring break” may seem misleading. Sporadic Northeast weather, of course, lacks any adherence to the academic calendar. And for students with jobs, internships, and family responsibilities, planning around a storm is no easy task.

But taking simple safety measures during a storm can be life-saving. Here are a few tips to stay safe during harsh winter conditions.

What you need to know to stay safe:

  1. Make an effort to stay indoors when possible.
  2. If you leave home, dress appropriately. Wear a scarf, coat, hat, gloves, and boots. Leave as little skin exposed as possible. Avoid wet clothing.
  3. Stay hydrated.
  4. Let your friends know where you are and always keep a cell phone on standby. Always carry a cell phone charger.
  5. If you can, use public transportation.
  6. Avoid drinking alcohol.
  7. Eat plenty of warmed foods to avoid freezing.
  8. In the event of a power outage, go to a designated public shelter.
  9. Never use gasoline, propane, natural gas or charcoal-burning devices inside an enclosed area.