SUNY Old Westbury SGA President Makes A Difference

Jeanette Adelson has taken her vision to the next level.  Check out her journey below!


1.     What is your name and position?
 Jeanette Adelson, SGA President – SUNY SA voting delegate
2.     What is your major and year?
Sociology major and Pre-law minor – Junior
3.     How did you get involved in both campus SGA and SUNY SA?
I got involved on my campus SGA by applying for the position, I was elected by my peers. By being the SGA President I am fortunate enough to be the voting delegate for my institution in SUNY SA.
4.     Why did you get involved?
I got involved because I wanted to be the change I wanted to see on my campus. I wanted to be the action behind my words and by running to join the SGA I was proud to do just that.
5.     Why you think its crucial for women to get involved in student government?
It is crucial for women to get involved in student government because  we can then  have more voices and a unique insight on how to accomplish goals (our perspective as women). We need to showcase all our talents and politics is one of them.
6.    One tip for women  who wants to get involved in either/both campus SGA and SUNY SA
My tip would be to not be intimidated. You speak up and speak out, if you do not who will?
7.    Who inspires you?
My inspiration comes from women of color who have paved the way and afforded me the opportunity to be where I am today, I’m grateful.
8.    What is a fun fact nobody knows about you?
My middle was actually suppose to be my first name.